Best Towable Tubes

If you’re on the hunt for the best towable tube, you should first consider your needs and the number of possible riders. In addition, you need to look into other things like the tube’s durability and shape, among other things. To help you shop, we’ve compiled a list of the top towable tubes on the market.

O'Brien Super Screamer Towable tube

Jet skiing, water skiing, and surfing are just a few of the activities you can do in the open water. But being dragged behind a boat on a towable tube can be one of the most exciting ways to get your heart pumping—and it gets even more fun when launched up to the sky off of a boat’s wake!

Towable boats invite kids to venture out on the open water. So, you must think about their safety and stability. But the thing is, finding a tube that offers such qualities can be difficult. Retailers simply do not sell towable tubes based exactly on those factors.

You’ll most likely buy towable tubes depending on the number of people they can accommodate and the brand. This means that you’ll have to work around those constraints to find safety and stability in the water.

And speaking of brands, some of the major names you’ll come across will be AIRHEAD and SportsStuff, which are the same brand but the latter is the parent corporation that creates some of the best tubes for boating. AIRHEAD is known for its sportier products designed for water-bound adrenaline seekers.

WOW, O’Brien, and RAVE also have some fantastic offerings—all of which dominate the market for water sport gears.

Whichever brand you choose, the best towable tubes must be durable, dependable, and should have enough room for at least two people. And without further ado, here’s a glance at our favorite towable tubes!

Our Top Picks

Best OverallAIRHEAD Big Mable Towable TubeAIRHEAD Big Mable Towable Tube– Accommodates 1 to 2 riders
– Dual tow points
– Fully covered with dual stitched nylon
– Has a patented speed safety valve
– Padded knuckle guards
Best Capacity TubesAIRHEAD G-Force Towable TubeAIRHEAD G-Force Towable Tube– Accommodates 1 to 3 riders
– Fully covered with dual stitched nylon
– Sturdy PVC bladder
– Neoprene knuckle guards
WOW Macho Towable TubeWOW Macho Towable Tube– Accommodates 3 riders
– Allows multiple riding positions
– UV treated Flex-SIT material
– Full nylon cover
– Double webbing foam handles
– Heavy-duty PVC bladder
Budget-Friendly OptionsAIRHEAD Slice Towable TubeAIRHEAD Slice Towable Tube– Accommodates 1 to 2 riders
– 30-Gauge virgin PVC bladder
– Foam-filled, nylon wrapped handles
– Neoprene knuckle guards
– Has a patented speed safety valve
RAVE Sports Razor TowableRAVE Sports Razor Towable– Accommodates 1 to 2 riders
– Steerable with single rider
– Heavy-duty 24-gauge PVC bladder
– Full nylon cover
– Polyester bottom treated with UV protection
– Foam filled webbing handles
– Reinforced neoprene knuckle guards
– Boston valve
Good OptionO'Brien Super Screamer Towable tube blueO’Brien Super Screamer– Accommodates 1 to 2 riders
– 26-Gauge PVC bladder
– Full nylon cover
– Overseize EVA deck pads and knuckle guards
– Quick Connect Tow System
Great AdditionSportsstuff Booster Ball Towable TubeSportsstuff Booster Ball– Keeps tow rope lifted out of the water
– Reduces rope spray
– Acts like a shock absorber
– Acts as a barrier to snap backs
– Reduces stress on the tube
– Includes 60-foot 4,100-pound break strength, 16-strand polypropylene rope

The Best Towable Tubes

AIRHEAD Big Mable Towable Tube – Best Overall

AIRHEAD Big Mable Towable Tube

First on our list is the AIRHEAD Big Mable Towable Tube, which perhaps may be the best towable tube on the market right now. This towable tube is designed like a couch and can accommodate 1 to 2 riders at a time. 

It is made of a robust and sturdy high-duty PVC material, with welded seams that are resistant to ripping and leaking. Like most tubes, it has a tough complete nylon cover. The EVA foam padding helps protect your knees and elbows, and the multiple nylon handles include neoprene knuckle guards for extra comfort.

Since it’s designed like a couch, we appreciate the backrest and cushioned walls this tube has, providing extra comfort and support. But, what we love about it is that you can ride it in different ways. Besides sitting, you can lay down, kneel or even stand. It has two tow points, allowing you to pick which way you want to ride it.

This towable tube includes a speed safety valve that will enable you to quickly inflate and deflate the tube. Like most tubes, it has a tough complete nylon cover.

You may kneel chariot-style while towing it from the back for a more exhilarating experience. Because of its versatility, the cleverly designed orange and yellow tube might be an excellent solution for families with kids of varying ages. It’s on the more pricey end, though, so there’s that.

• Durably made and smartly painted
• Includes protection for knees and elbows
• Versatile; allows you to ride different ways
• Couch design allows for excellent comfort and back support
• Pricier than other towable tubes

Best Capacity Tubes

AIRHEAD G-Force Towable Tube

AIRHEAD G-Force Towable Tube

Another AIRHEAD that made it on our top picks is their G-Force, which may be a great choice if you want to upgrade from a two-rider tube. It can accommodate up to three riders, though it’s best to check the weight capacity of the tube first.

We love this towable tube’s cool design, and it’s quite versatile as well. You can either ride it alone or with a companion and because it has a simple design, it’s not going to be a huge learning curve. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this may be the ideal towable tube for you.

The G-Force features a durable double-stitched nylon cover, with a PVC bladder that is extremely durable and can endure a great deal of abuse. Its handles are also wrapped in nylon and come with neoprene knuckle guards. And with a Boston valve, you can expect to inflate and deflate the tube quickly.

The tube’s bolster fin helps keep everything level and prevents you from flying off. It’s one of our favorite features of this tube because it helps you with stability by reducing some lateral movement

But behind every good product, there are drawbacks. According to some users, it does not tend to support any combination of speed and weight. After a number of runs, the water may enter the liner and add to the weight, causing the float to dive in once the boat starts.

You might need to balance your weight to avoid sinking once it starts.

• Offers more capacity
• Simple design; ideal for beginners
• Made of durable materials
• Padded grips
• Quick inflation and deflation
• Built-in bolsters offer stability
• Doesn’t seem to support any speed and weight combo

WOW Macho Towable Tube

WOW Macho Towable Tube

The WOW Macho Towable Tube can also carry up to three riders, but it’s the bright and fun design that drew our attention. It’s so bright that you’ll be easier to spot in the water. Plus, it’s one of the most family-friendly towable tubes on the market.

This towable tube features cockpit seating designed to give you the option to sit, lay on the deck, or kneel. What we appreciate even more is that the seating is made of UV-treated Flex-Sit material, allowing for a comfortable experience regardless of your position.

The form-fitting chair has a nylon harness that keeps your bottom from contacting the water. It includes multiple double webbing foam handles for a variety of riding postures. This is ideal if your kids wish to sit inside a cockpit for a safe voyage. And older children may easily kneel or lay down and hold on to the tube.

This towable tube also has a heavy-duty PVC bladder, a zipped valve cover, a speed valve for quick inflation and deflation, and a strengthened tow hook. You know, all the good stuff.

However, according to some of the reviews we’ve read, the Macho towable tube tends to collect water easily and can be difficult to drain. And some find the seat uncomfortable, even for kids. You might also find some flaws in the stitchings.

• Offers more capacity
• Bright, cockpit design allows for versatility
• UV-treated flexible material for comfortable riding experience
• Comfortable foam handles
• Collects water easily and hard to drain
• Some find the seat uncomfortable
• Some flaws on stitches
• Pricier than other towable tubes on the market

Budget-Friendly Options

AIRHEAD Slice Towable Tube

AIRHEAD Slice Towable Tube

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly towable tube, AIRHEAD’s Slice could be an ideal choice.

While this brand’s tubes are a little less dependable than O’Brien boat tubes, they often give more value for money. AIRHEAD’s tubes cost somewhat less than the Super Screamer (more on this later). But the former allows an extra rider in its simple design. The Slice also allows you to choose from a variety of sizes.

It boasts a deck-style design that is snappy, and easy to flip, and it can accommodate up to two riders lying face forward on their bellies. This tube has a tapered gusset, which makes it thicker in the front than it is in the back.

Such an innovative design lets you haul better while also making you more comfortable. It also makes remounting easier in case the tube flips over.

It’s equipped with a 30-gauge PVC bladder shielded by a tough nylon cover. This towable tube also comes with multiple nylon-wrapped grip handles with neoprene knuckle guards—something you’ll appreciate when you’re hanging on to the tube.

Other key features we love about it are the reinforced internal tow harness, Kwik Connect system, and patented speed safety valve.

However, despite its capacity to carry two riders, other users find it to be a little smaller than other towable tubes, though we think this is dependent on who uses it.

• Budget-friendly
• Straightforward design and easy to use
• Durable construction
• Offers quick connection
• Fast inflation and deflation
• Some users find the tube smaller than other towable tubes

RAVE Sports Razor Towable

RAVE Sports Razor Towable

If you’re looking for another affordable option, the Rave Razor towable tube offers a thrilling ride for two. We love its bright yellow color—it glows like the sun!

The Rave Razor is durably-designed and easy to use. It features a polyester cover and a PVC bladder with a 24-gauge. Much like most towable tubes, its knuckle guards are neoprene, while the handles are made of foam fully covered in nylon.

On the downside though, since it’s a bit smaller than many other towable tubes on the market, it might not suit larger adults. The tube isn’t as large as other towable tubes, though it might be exactly what you’ll need, and it is steerable with a single rider. According to a user, though, it also takes a long time to deflate the tube.

But at a fraction of the price of many other models, you get a reliable and family-friendly towable tube for having a blast in the water.

• Budget-friendly
• Bright, fun color
• Durable design
• Great for kids
• Smaller than many other towable tubes
• Deflation takes long

O’Brien Super Screamer – Good Option

O'Brien Super Screamer Towable tube blue

The O’Brien Super Screamer could also be another wonderful option if you’re seeking adventures on the water. Much like the other towable tubes we’ve previously discussed, this one has the classic style of a single tube. It can also accommodate up to two riders at once.

It’s equipped with six handles with EVA knuckle guards, which provides you with some leeway in changing your position. The tube is also designed with a single chamber with a 26-gauge bladder and a heavy-duty full nylon cover that adds strength and longevity. Since the design is flat, you can either lie, sit, or kneel on it.

But if there’s something that some users have complaints about, it is that the Super Screamer does not stay inflated for long enough. Other users are also having issues with finding a suitable adapter for the lightning valve.

• High-performance tube, perfect for thrill-seekers
• Padded grips for extra comfort
• Easy to connect
• Quick inflation and deflation
• Affordable
• Doesn’t stay inflated for longer
• Hard to find the right adaptor for the valve

Sportsstuff Booster Ball – Great Addition

Sportsstuff Booster Ball Towable Tube

You may consider adding an accessory like the Sportsstuff Booster Ball to improve safety and performance. This ball is an inflatable buoy that has a tow rope attached to both ends.

It helps if your biggest peeve is the tow line dragging in the water, as this can cause a water blast in your face. Also, a slack tow rope can provide a quick whipping action. And if you’re a novice rider, you may capsize if you’re not prepared.

How it works is it lifts the tow rope out of the water to help avoid those problems. However, keep in mind that while this accessory will lower the chance of submarining, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will completely prevent it. You must also consider your position on the tube.

The bladder of the ball is made of thick PVC that is wrapped in heavy-duty nylon material. It has a speed safety valve that allows you to quickly inflate and deflate the ball.

But keep in mind that it gets bulky when it’s inflated, which is a good thing. You don’t want it to just be a small, floating ball on the water with no use. After use, you can simply deflate and fold it up. Its Hybrid technology allows you to maintain speed in corners while reducing drag.

One of the problems some users encounter is that, while it raises the tow rope on the water’s surface, it doesn’t lift it up high enough. It also tends to cause a lot of spray for those onboard. But despite the small inconveniences that this ball might cause, we still consider it a must-have for every water adventure seeker!

• Improves performance and safety
• Helps maximize fuel efficiency
• Easy to inflate and deflate
• Comes with tow ropes
• Durable
• Bulky when inflated
• Won’t raise the tow rope high enough
• May cause a lot of water spray for the riders

Things To Consider in Choosing the Right Best Towable Tube

Not all the best tubes for boating are created equal. There may be certain features that one has that the other tubes don’t. But it all comes down to deciding what you need and keeping your budget in mind. In any case, here are some of the factors you must consider in choosing the best towable tube.

Material and Durability

First, you must keep in mind that a towable tube will be subjected to a great deal of strain on the water. When there’s a wake from a boat, your towable tube can get tossed about a lot. Though it’s fun, this poses potential safety threats. And, while it may not be apparent, the material of your tube also contributes to your safety.

So, it’s important to look for one made with durable materials. Now, let’s dive into the common materials used to build these fun, inflatable tubes.


Neoprene is a common material used in making wetsuits. This material has a gentle feeling on the skin and can be used as a covering over Polyester or Nylon towable covers. Neoprene helps in improving comfort and minimizing the chafing of any part of your body.

Towable tubes with Neoprene material are often more costly, though. However, when it comes to comfort, they are superior.


Polyester is also another commonly used material.

Towable tubes made often have Coating Polyvinyl chloride or PVC coating (we’ll discuss below) to strengthen the polyester. And they are as robust as those made from high Denier. A UV-treated polyester is a long-lasting option and fade-resistant. When exposed to sunlight, the tube will not discolor.


PVC is a popular coating material for towable bladders and inner tubes. You can have it in a variety of thicknesses that are measured in a gauge. A 24-gauge and 30-gauge can be a great starting point.


Also referred to as Denier, Nylon is the most common material used for towable coverings. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and weights. The greater the number, the thicker and sturdier the Nylon. It may quickly raise the price of the towable tube, but it offers more capacity than the lower number.

A 420 Denier, for instance, is less costly and can normally carry up to two riders. It’s also more lightweight and thinner than an 840-Denier. which is heavier, tougher, and more costly, but can accommodate more riders.


The shape of your towable tube will influence how it travels on the surface of the water or how easy it is to gather air. And towable tubes come in all shapes and designs. While the design of the AIRHEAD Big Mable Towable Tube is our favorite, how you ride your tube is entirely up to you.

Below are some of the common shapes of towable tubes.

Deck Tubes

Deck-style towable tubes feature a large surface that is flat. These tubes are easy to ride and allow you to lay on your stomach while gripping the handle, which is the easiest technique to ride such tubes.

Since these tubes are flat and large, you can expect to tip over more easily. But hey, climbing up back on the deck will be easier.

Deck tubes come in a variety of designs, including circular, delta, and D-shapes, and may hold up to four people. Such tubes are completely covered, resulting in a strong adrenaline rush. Deck tubes also tend to keep your face close to the water and seamlessly pass through a boat’s wake.

These tubes are ideal for teens and adults looking for a thrilling and fun adventure on the water.

Round Donut

This design is classic and tubes with this shape are often the least expensive. Round donuts were originally designed to transport only one rider. And now, they exist in a variety of sizes and also can accommodate multiple riders.

The downside of such a shape is that it makes you prone to flipping over. This is due to their often small sizes and high center of gravity. The holes in the center also make it difficult for kids to sit in.


Such tubes are often large and can carry up to six riders at a time. They come in various shapes, and since they are long and thin, they must be sat on top of the towable or in a recumbent position.

Also, these towable tubes aren’t that stable and this is due to their high center of gravity and lengthy design. But, these tubes are great if you want to ride quickly while sitting comfortably in an upright position.


Ride-in refers to the passengers sitting low within the tube. These tubes are available in a range of forms and sizes and may carry one to four riders. It also typically has a cushioned floor that provides comfort.


The valve is a vital component of your towable tube. They can have either a Boston valve, a steam valve, or a speed valve. Whichever valve you choose, it’s always a good idea to acquire the appropriate fit for your electric air pump.

But for now, let’s dig deeper into these types of valves:

Boston Valve

This is a one-way valve having two caps. You need to loosen the top cap so the Boston valve can let the air in while preventing any of it from escaping the tube. When it’s time to deflate your tube, simply untwist the valve and your towable tube will be ready for storage.

Speed Valve

Speed valves are very easy to use. All you have to do is insert your electric pump into the valve and fill your tub with air. Once your tube is firm, you’re all set.

Stem Valve

While not the best, the steam valve is the easiest to use and many towable tubes use it. Simply place your electric pump firmly within the stem valve to inflate your tube. And when it’s time to deflate, squeeze it and push on the tube.


How should you inflate your tube?

Towable tubes are used to feature a basic rubber valve that you can blow up either by hand or attach it to an air pump. Such inflating methods can take a while to fill the towable tubes with air, overinflation can be disastrous.

You should opt for a boating tube with a one-way speed safety valve. This way, the air doesn’t blow back if you cease inflating. There are also many high-quality inflating tubes that incorporate speed safety valves, which allow you to inflate and deflate the table fast. It saves time and hassle.

For the tube to work properly, you must fully inflate it. Check if it’s firm and wrinkle-free. However, keep in mind that the water temperature or the sun might alter the inflation. To avoid sun damage, carefully fold and store your towable tube when not in use.


While most towable tubes are protected with a double-stitched nylon cover, you must protect yourself, too. That’s when handle padding and knuckle guards come in handy. Look for soft yet robust knuckle guards to keep your grip during the ride.

Handles that are excessively rough will give you a hard time maintaining your grip.

You must use well-padded knuckle guards, otherwise, each bump in the water may scratch your knuckles or the tube’s nylon cover. And you can tell a good handle when it’s ergonomic and pleasant to grip. Poorly designed handles will just cause blisters on your hands.

Also, check that the towable tube has plenty of EVA cushioning. It’s an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer used in most tubes. An adequately padded tube lets you easily ride it while sitting, standing, kneeling, or lying down.

We should remind you, that this will be an extremely bumpy experience, which is exactly what you want (right?). You’ll need plenty of padding for an exhilarating yet comfy ride. At fast speeds, water might be stronger than it looks.


The best tubes for boating should allow you to quickly attach and release your tow rope. Having a reinforced towing system will keep its strength and allow you to effortlessly attach and detach the tow cable.

You may also consider a little help from Sportsstuff Booster Ball. This acts similarly to a fishing bobber. It connects your tube to your boat and improves the safety and longevity of your tube. Once you hook the booster ball, it keeps the tow rope out of the water.

This minimizes drag and prevents spray back from smacking you in the face while on the tube. It also improves stability in the water.


The best towable tubes aren’t cheap. You’ll come across models priced at as high as $800. But we made sure to include tubes of various price points to meet different budgets.

If you think you might only use a towable tube every so often, you may not want to spend a lot of money on one. But if it’s something you want to have or wish to get into, then you should invest in one that will last for several rides out on the water.


Most towable tubes are fairly easy to clean and maintain. The annoying part is when water gets in and you have to drain it out.

When it comes to upkeep, make it a habit to inspect your towable tube before and after each use. Check the material for any flaws or tears. Always keep the tube dry when not in use to avoid mildew growth and odor. Also, you need to make sure it’s completely dry before storing it away.

Best Towable Tubes FAQs

What is the best tow tube?

If you’re looking for superior comfort and great back support, one of the best tubes for boating you can get would be the AIRHEAD Big Mable Towable Tube. It’s a good-sized tube too and can accommodate up to two people. The tube is made with durable materials and includes knee and elbow protection.

How do I choose a tube for my boat?

When choosing the right towable tube, you can start by considering your riders. How many persons can a tube accommodate? Are the potential riders going to be adults or children? Make sure to check the weight capacity listed on the tube. Knowing this will help you better in narrowing down your choices.

When purchasing a towable tube for children, check for things like handles. Are they easy to grasp? You’ll also want to look for padded seats, knuckle protection, and other features that increase the tube’s stability while towing.

For younger kids, you can opt for models in which they sit within the tube, similar to a cockpit, instead of sitting on top.

How much HP do you need to pull a tube?

With 35 HP, you can tow a single tube. While a toddler can ski with 20 HP, an adult will need at least 60 HP on a properly sized boat. You can wakeboard with as low as 25 HP, but a good wake usually needs a loaded boat at 135 HP and up.

How do I keep my tubes from submarining?

To keep it from submarining, you can pull the tube inside the wake. You can do a few simple S-turns back and forth after the riders are calm and you have a feel for the right pace to keep the tube from sinking. Doing so should drive the tube to move through the wake and swing from side to side.

How far should a tube be behind a boat?

To maintain your range, either for tubers or water skiers, you want it to be at least 100 feet.

However, the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) requires tube ropes to be at least 50 feet long and no more than 65 feet. Any rope less than 50 feet will tow the tube on the wake’s peak, splashing the riders in the face.

What is a good speed to pull a tube?

The optimal speed for tubing should be somewhere between 20 and 25 mph. Aside from safety concerns, pulling a rider too fast and repeatedly slamming them into the water makes them less likely to go and do it anymore.

Can two people ride in a towable tube?

For reference, a two-person tube may be large enough to accommodate two riders. However, it may be small enough for a single rider to operate with ease. We recommend checking the actual weight capacity indicated on the tube. This is since many tubes for two riders presume that each rider weighs no more than 150 lbs.

What kind of rope should I use to tow a boat?

If you can get a nylon rope, it is best since it allows for the greatest potential tow. This is because the rope is frequently accessible, long, and it’s flexible enough to allow for changes and shock absorption.

How many tubes can you pull behind a boat?

Some tubes are intended for single riders, while others are intended for two. You also might purchase tubes for three or four riders in one go. If you use banana-style tubes, you can pull up to six people at a time.

Can you pull a tube with a tow bar?

You could. But you need a powerful engine with 115 HP as a good starting point. You’ll also need a strong enough ski/tow bar (or a y-rope with two connection points), and a sturdy rope with tensile strength ranging from 1500 to 6000 lbs and up, depending on how many riders there are.

How should I care for my towable tube?

You should keep in mind that exposing an inflated towable to direct sunlight might cause the air pressure inside to swell. This can eventually rupture any seam, making the towable useless. Extended exposure to UV light will also soon fade and destroy its handles and covering.

Try to keep your towable tube shaded if you’re not using it.

Another thing to remember is to not let any sand or debris get in between the bladder and cover. Sands and debris are sharp and therefore can puncture your tube. And after you’re done boating, make sure to let your towable tube thoroughly dry before inflating and storing it.

And On to Our Conclusion…

Well, choosing the best towable tube will make your tubing on the water enjoyable and thrilling. And I hope you’ve found our guide helpful in finding the right tube for you and your family.

Whichever one from our list you’ve picked to bring with you on the water, always keep in mind that the best tubes for boating should be adaptable and dependable enough to fit your needs.

Make sure to also consider your boat’s speed as well as the number of riders. And, no matter how much fun you’re having at the moment, never forget basic boat safety.

Now, pick that one towable tube that tickles your excitement and have fun. Be safe and good luck!

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