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If you’re on the hunt for the best wakesurf boat, a few of the first things you must consider are the hull design and construction, its internal ballast, and engine. To help you shop, we’ve listed some of the top wake boats on the market.

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Wakesurfing is one of the most exciting watersports. Besides being such an exhilarating water sport, it can bring in several health benefits if you consider it a regular part of your routine. However, the thrill won’t be complete without a good, reliable wake surf boat.

To have the best surfing performance, opt for a boat with a lot of internal ballast to weigh the hull down deeper into the water. This will create bigger or longer wakes.

But, how do you decide which one to go with?

There are lots of options available, but not all wake surf boats are the same. In this article, we’ll be diving into the best wake surfing boats on the market.

What Is a Wakesurf Boat?

Wakesurf boats are a type of vessel that does not directly pull the surfer, but rather produces a wake to which they could surf. These boats are always in front of wake surfers. They are loaded with additional weight to boost the level of the wake. And this makes the sport more challenging.

These boats have a more different configuration than other vessels to create the best wakes for the surfer. Most wake surf boats have inboard engines, which are positioned further back in the boat to maintain more weight in the back, resulting in a greater wake.

There are also direct drive wake surf boats available where the engine is located in the center of the boat.

How Does It Work?

Wakesurf boats work by producing wakes. The boat gets loaded up on one side with weight to provide ballast on that same side. Riders of the boat then sit on one side to produce wakes.

Manufacturers of wake surf boats took the concept from the original towboat models. Modern wake surf boats now include extra weights to the existing hauls and small mechanisms that help elevate or skew the boat to provide an extra boost on the wake’s direction.

Ideal Brands for the Best Wakesurf Boats

Wake surfing wouldn’t be as thrilling as it should be without the best wake surf boat. Here are some brands worth looking at.

Malibu Boats

Malibu Boats

Malibu Boats is considered a high-quality boat maker in the industry. The brand has built a market edge based on the power of its name, which has been renowned in the industry of wakeboard, water skis, and wake surf boats.

The Malibu Boats M240 is one of the top-tier wake boats on the market today. This 24-feet long wake surf boat has 607 hp torque and can accommodate up to 17 passengers.

It’s also equipped with premium features that allow for exemplary performance. With the turn of a dial, you can raise or lower the tower in under 10 seconds.

One of the features we love the most about this boat is its Malibu Launch System 6 Ballast. It fills in less than three minutes. In addition, the boat’s M-Line hull incorporates Surf Gate Fusion to provide clean waves. It’s a superior and practical design.

Debuted in 2019, their M240, Malibu flaunts the M240 for being an unrivaled, unbreakable, and exceptional wake surf boat in their lineup. The boat has all of the amenities that every surfer wants in a towboat including a premium slide-out cooler, wireless charging, a powered Gx Tower, and multi-view bench seats.

You see, the M240 brings in everything you need for a day on the water. You can expect wake surfing to be much more exciting due to the boat’s unmatched luxury and performance.

Centurion Boats

Centurion Boats

If your main focus is on water sports like wakeboarding or wake surfing, Centurion Boats could be the way to go. The brand specializes mostly in boats designed for water sports. And it has a proven track record of durability and innovation in the watersports department.

Centurion boats are well-known for the high-quality waves they create as well as the performance of the boats they build. Their wake surf boats create waves that are large enough for wake surfers to do stunts in the wakes.

And it is in their hull designs and ballast placement. With a dead-rise of 20 degrees at the transom, its Opti-V hull disperses more water with less weight while maintaining a smooth ride in rough water.

In certain boats, the ballast is moveable for more accurate wave creation. Centurion boats employ PCM (Pleasurecraft Marine) inboard engines—a collaboration that dates back to 1979.

A side fact: PCM engines is a company known for producing dependable, high-performance motors.

Their Vi22 pays homage to nostalgia with its relatively retro design while providing unmatched performance for modern-day wake surfers. It is a 12-seater, 22-foot wake boat. Featuring a standard torque of 409 feet per pound, it can reach up to 500 feet per pound.

Going back to its retro design, we love the two-tone upholstery of this boat. It simply adds a bit of nostalgic style to the clean design. It features RAMFILL, which is the largest, fastest-filling ballast system in a wake boat. This enables the filling and emptying of the subfloor ballast in less than 90 seconds.

For a quiet ride, it’s equipped with a patented Silent Stinger Wake Plate and GM Marine, which create a nice, quiet boating experience. And using a vacuum infusion manufacturing technique and unibody construction, the Vi22 is also built to last.

Moomba Boats

Moomba Boats

The brand originally manufactured boats meant to tow water skiers at a decent cost. However, due to the evolution of water sports and the rise in popularity of wake surfing and wakeboarding in the late 1990s, Moomba Boats had to shift to just those activities.

They began relocating their boat’s propellers to inboard or V-Drive positions. This ensures the surfers’ safety while riding the wakes. Moomba’s designs have also evolved to improve wake creation, featuring new technologies employed to provide longer and more desirable wave shapes for the surfer.

One of the things you’ll appreciate about the brand is that they keep costs low by being more efficient than lavish in their interior designs. Moomba Boats has a history of delivering high-quality wake sport boats at a reasonable price. Their boats also offer a high resale value.

You may choose any of the current models based on your goals and budget.

The Moomba Kaiyen, for example, provides big-time surf and wake performance with 3,700 pounds of superb G6 ballast. However, it’s in this boat’s Flow 2.0 Surf System that creates the long pockets and clean lips that every wake surfer desires.

The contoured plates of the Kaiyen help in repositioning the surf-optimized hull in the water, resulting in large, long surf waves. This 21.5-foot-long boat can accommodate up to 15 people.

Standard features are non-slip flooring of two finishes, the A3 tower, and two wireless phone chargers. You can also upgrade to the Pro Tower if you want. This includes two surf pylons, a storage bimini, and LED lights. 

It also has modern features like a 7-inch touchscreen panel. It’s intuitive with one-touch access to four distinct views. The transom walkthrough inside the boat also makes moving around easier.

Axis Wake

Axis Wake

When looking for the best wakesurf boats, the Axis Wake offers affordable, entry-level wake boats built by Malibu. Their boats are inexpensive since they are pared down to the core of functionality, taking out the bells and whistles that you see in higher-end brands.

Axis Wave’s lineup has evolved in response to inputs from many water sports enthusiasts, both in the professional and recreational spaces. Over time, the brand added classic Malibu line features such as their Surf Gate and Power Wedge III.

The brand currently offers its Wake Plus Hull design and its Performance Surf Package (PSP). Their boats’ hull design is deep with a high deadrise angle, allowing them to put as much hull as possible in the water for the best wave displacement.

Their A20 lets you experience all the thrill on the water at a price that fits your budget. This wake surf boat offers exceptional performance and value in compact form. While it’s relatively small, it packs power and can carry up to 11 people.

The boat uses the same wake technology as larger boats to produce clean, powerful waves that you will appreciate. Its water ballast keeps the boat deep while being stored in the bow and stern storage chambers.

The PSP feature of the A20 creates waves that are shaped to perfection. It produces and shapes the wake on a certain side when paired with the Surf Gate’s vertical tabs that swing outwards. This allows you to change sides without pausing to readjust. And the wakes are also customizable!

Aside from those great features, we love the rear-facing skybox seat in the boat. It’s a center bench that slides into the cockpit on a track, providing plenty of legroom. It also features a smart dashboard with a touchscreen, keypad, and wireless phone charging.



If you’re looking to add a high-performance, luxury boat to your fleet, you could never go wrong with MasterCraft.

The brand is well-known for manufacturing boats used in a range of activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding, and of course, wake surfing. MasterCraft boats are noted for their exceptional quality but are on the more expensive side.

Their early hull designs offered the smallest wake, allowing them to be well-defined at stunt levels while remaining smooth and low at slalom and jump speeds. This design was so well acclaimed that the brand started making sales. It then quickly established itself as a prominent player in the competitive ski boat market.

Their boats are built by engineers that continually listen to customer feedback. They are leveraging technology to create highly functional boats for daily use.

Each MasterCraft boat is packed with performance and upholds the brand’s high standards. This means you’ll have to spend a bit more extra, but for a high-quality performance.

The brand’s lines of the NXT are MasterCraft through and through. And if you don’t mind spending a little extra money on a reliable wake surfing boat, the NXT22 could be a great option. This 22-feet craft can carry 14 people and combines a slew of amenities with top-notch convenience.

It features a sleek Vector hull combined with a standard 60-hp Ilmor marine engine. Such features lend the boat lots of speed that any surfers need. This model also gives you the option to incorporate a premium audio package. But then again, the more features you add, the higher the price will go.

Heyday Wake Boats H22

Heyday Wake Boats H22

Heyday Wake Boats is a new name in the wake boat industry, designing entry-level wake boats to meet a certain budget.

The brand ventured on a different path with its initial hull design than any other wake boat on the market. Taking away elements that generate waves in other boats such as surf gates and power tabs keeps their boats at low price points.

With Heyday boats, the hull’s shape in combination with the ballast tanks creates waves. The hull design displaces more water. And this results in larger wakes. Also, the wider transoms in their boats reduce prop torque. Such a feature makes the rider’s weight distribution less of an impact on wake generation.

Heyday launches a platform with more traditional elegance and touches for the new model year. Which is different from their prior models with a distinct bow shape with a sloped topside.

Their H22 has a redesigned stern and transom features twin recessed aft-facing seats shielded by transom gates, which are convertible into a sun pad. The new stern and transom design also have three step levels and an aft cockpit seat that folds forward and turns into a rear-facing couch.

Another feature you’ll love about the H22 is that it’s equipped with a 9-inch MFD or multifunction display with a touchscreen interface. It also comes with Mercury VesselView and SmartTow features. There’s also a Rockford Fosgate stereo with four speakers and LED lights.

This 22-feet wake boat can accommodate up to 14 people. It has a 6.2L 370 horsepower Mercury engine, an inbuilt wake system, and even its own trailer.

The H22 essentially delivers high design, efficient functionality, and exhilarating performance with standard features. And it does so at a price that lets you share unforgettable experiences with your family and friends.

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Wakesurf Boat

Boats are a huge expense. Before buying a new wake surf boat, there are things you need to consider.

Hull Design and Construction

The hull design of a wake surf boat is one of the most important factors to consider. These boats are designed for a range of water sports. Some hulls are specifically engineered for water skiing and others are for waterboarding or surfing.

Wakesurf boats with flatter hulls are traditional designs that are ideal for tubing or water skiing. For wake surfing, however, you’ll need something with a deep-V hull. This design effectively generates waves that are great for wake surfing. Those with flat or round hulls simply cannot achieve this.

Another you must consider is the hull construction. Look for vacuum-infused construction. Boats with such a feature tend to be more durable and last longer than those that don’t have it.

Internal Ballast

The deeper the boat is in the water, the larger wake it creates. So simply put, the longer and larger the wakes, the deeper the hull is weighted down into the water.

Besides considering the overall weight of the ballast, you must also think about its placement.

Make sure that the ballast isn’t placed towards the back of the boat. The reason for this is that it may cause the front of the boat to raise, and this will make it harder for the boat operator to see what’s coming. Also, the placement bears a considerable impact on fuel usage.

Keep in mind that the best wake surf boat has an equal distribution of ballast overall, plus a little more in the rear.

Another thing you should think about is the amount of time it takes for the ballast to get completely weighted. This is important, particularly if there are wake surfers of varying surfing levels. Your wake surf boat should have options for adjusting the length and steepness of the wakes.


The best wake surf boat features an engine that not only boosts the vessel’s torque, but also optimizes fuel consumption. This is a practical feature since it helps you save money on fuel in the long run.


If at all possible, pick the largest wake surf boat available for your budget. Most boat owners advise that you do so for a better wake and wave. Getting a larger boat also increases its resale value.

Boat Type

For wake surfing, an inboard boat will be your only option. As we’ve mentioned earlier, any outboard boat with an exposed propeller can be dangerous. And this is true when it comes to finding a boat for different water sports.

The propeller and drive unit of inboard boats are housed within the hull. This eliminates any possibility of striking the propeller.

You can also wake surf behind a jet boat. However, due to its shallow engine and impeller, you won’t achieve a great wake to ride on. A jet boat will never be able to compete with an inboard for wakeboarding and wake surfing, however, it can be a terrific alternative for other parts of boating.


Modern boats now feature technology that allows for easier operation. With cheaper wake surf boats, you usually have to balance performance with technology such as more audio and touch displays. However, boats with touch-screen and camera technologies may cost more for maintenance.

If you can go without all the bells and whistles, make sure to focus on the engine instead. This way, you get the best bang for your buck.

Resale Value

Some might think that the resale value of a boat depends on its condition. The truth is that the brand name can also have an influence on the resale value.

Moomba boats, for example, have a high resale value since they are a very inexpensive investment, to begin with. These boats depreciate significantly during the first year, however, they usually keep their market worth later on.

So if in a few years you want to resell your boat, going for Moomba can be a smart decision ​​since you could lose less money than with other brand names.

However, if you look forward to keeping your boat for a decade or longer, you should think about opting for a more expensive brand.


Boats are a pricey expense, so you want to make sure that you get the best protection for your investment. Luckily, most boat dealers offer a warranty. These warranties may cover services and repairs in case your engine or hull fails.

Best Wakesurf Boat FAQs

Can you wake surf behind any boat?

Can you have an epic wake surfing adventure with any boat? Well, the short answer is no. You can’t wake surf with just any boat even with the proper surfing board.

Wakesurf boats are designed to make surfing safe. These boats have inboard motors instead of outboards with exposed propellers. The inboard motor is situated further forward on the boat beneath the stern, typically a few feet in front of the rudder.

Wakesurfing behind an outboard boat with exposed propellers is very dangerous. Its engine and gearbox are attached to the transom outside the vessel. The visibility of these components will make it very easy for the surfer to collide with the propeller and breathe the hazardous gasses from the exhaust.

What is the best speed for wake surfing?

The ideal speed for wake surfing varies depending on the boat and how it’s configured. In general, you can go at speeds ranging from 10 to 13 mph. Slower speeds result in a shorter and steeper wake face, while faster speeds will lengthen the wave but reduce its total wake height.

Are wakeboarding and wake surfing the same?

These two water sports can be quite confusing since they both entail riding behind a boat. Wakeboarding is not the same as wake surfing.

The most obvious difference between the two is that wakeboarding requires you to keep your hands on the towing line at all times. Wakesurfing, on the other hand, uses a rope to pull you until you regain your balance.

Are You Ready To Wake Surf?

You may have a set of options in terms of size, features, functions, and budget. However, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned wake surfer, a good wake boat, a good wake boat will have something for you.

We hope you were able to choose the best wakesurf boat from the brands we’ve mentioned. Take your adrenaline-rushing surfing sessions to the next level soon!

Good luck and keep it fun and safe!

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